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The EQUAL4EUROPE consortium consists of six Research Performing Institutions (RPIs) with a clear focus on arts, humanities, medicine, social sciences, business and law (AHMSSBL) an international accreditation organization and a consultant organization.


Our tooling is based on our experience in the EQUAL4EUROPE project and specifically Objective 5. EQUAL4EUROPE is our European project in which we are project partner. This project was initiated by us in 2018. We applied together with 6 European universities and 1 Network organization under the Horizon2020 program. The goal of the project is to create, implement and monitor Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) for the six universities in the project. The project has now been running for almost 2 years. In the first two years, the focus was on investigating the current status around gender equality within the organization and drafting action-oriented GEPs. In the third year, the focus is on the implementation and monitoring of these plans.

For the monitoring phase of the E4E project, we as Nehem are primarily responsible. Within the project we have set up a monitoring tool that the universities will use to measure the impact of the GEPs. The tool will also be used to initiate points of improvement and additional actions. Nehem fulfills the gender audit role in the E4E project and is used as an independent auditor to monitor and evaluate the GEPs.


Gender Equality Plan

EQUAL4EUROPE will develop and implement Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) for research organizations and universities that can accelerate the process of:


Removing barriers to the recruitment, retention and career progression of female researchers


Addressing gender imbalances in decision making processes


Integrating the gender dimension in research and innovation content

The process

The 6 RPIs start by assessing their current situations and identifying the main areas of intervention. They will then develop and implement tailored GEPs informed by the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) GEAR tool, while monitoring and documenting their impact on the participating institutions.

EQUAL4EUROPE will also establish a network for GE officers from AHMSSBL institutions across Europe than can replicate its methodology. Finally, the project will investigate the possibility to include relevant standards and indicators into international accreditation frameworks for business schools.


The main aim of the EQUAL4EUROPE project is to contribute to increased gender equality in the European Research Area (ERA). In order to achieve this main aim, we have set the following specific objectives:

O.1 Increase gender-awareness at the organizational level

Several activities will be performed to increase gender awareness, such as workshops, trainings and continuous communication. All levels will be addressed, including students, administrative staff, research and teaching staff, middle management and highest management.

O.2 Engage relevant actors and stakeholders from across the spectrum of gender equality seeking organizations in Europe

There are several organizations, associations, boards, and even individuals that are experts in the field of gender and can help with generating best practices and insights to implement gender equality in academic or research organizations. Existing projects will also be contacted to engage in knowledge exchange and to learn from best practices.

O.3 Develop 6 tailored GEPs

Each participating research performing institute will develop a tailored GEP based on an in-depth assessment of the current situation, entailing a variety of measures that fit the specific context and respond to well identified areas in need of action. A participatory approach will be used for this.

O.4 Successfully implement the developed GEPs

Each participating research performing institute will implement the developed GEP, involving all relevant stakeholders to increase gender equality within their institute and to make a sustainable cultural and institutional change.

O.5 Monitor and evaluate the impact and results of the implemented GEPs

A methodology will be devised to impartially evaluate the progress made on gender equality plans throughout the duration of this EQUAL4EUROPE project. The methodology for the evaluation should be thought of as formative, helping the consortium partners to adapt their GEP’s as necessary at the end of the EQUAL4EUROPE project.

O.6 Knowledge exchange

The lessons learnt in this project will be shared both within the consortium as well as with stakeholders from outside of the consortium. This includes establishing best practices and recommendations for other AHMSSBL institutions. It also includes the efforts of our network organizations to investigate whether they can include the EQUAL4EUROPE project results in their accreditation framework and standards.

O.7 Create a European network for research institutions GE officers

The development of a network specifically for GE officers from universities, where they can share best practices and tips-and-tricks. This will be a practical and easy to access network, supported by an online platform.

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